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Company Instroduction

Evermove Group is a multi family members invested company registered in Hong Kong ,with actual operating work plant in Guangzhou.Under which ,there are several sewing factories for different kind of bag line ,Genuine leather bag line for men and women,PU leather bag line for men and women ,evening bag line for women.She is also a consultancy and full service management company for bag industry.Our factory are BSCI member and  we are also ICS audited factory.Paparazzi & Deepling is the our own brand under the bag group.Whether you are starting out or already in business, Our dream is to help you grow and then we grow accordingly as well.We offer consulting, coaching,mentoring and project management. we can help you to make your dream come true.We work with emerging designers and established brands, providing them with a variety of services to help start, build and grow their business. We are experts in the fields of product development and production and will show you all the ricks, tips and EVERYTHING else we gathered through our nearly 10 years in the industry to help you start and build your successful fashion brand.We are brand behind your brand name!